David Zalkaliani has spoken before the OSCE Permanent Committee

Speaking before the OSCE Permanent Committee, the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani highlighted the priorities of the Georgia Presidency.

The Minister paid special attention to the important role both organizations play in upholding human rights, strengthening democracy and ensuring the rule of law both across Europe and globally.  

Zalkaliani highlighted the events to be held within the scope of the Georgian Presidency. He also spoke about the conflicts in the OSCE and CoE area and the difficult human rights situation on the ground. According to Zalkaliani, it is essential that International Organisations have access to the occupied territories. Speaking on behalf of the CoE Committee of Ministers, the Foreign Minister   reiterated his unequivocal support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine, underscoring that it is important to fully implement the Minsk Agreements and fulfil international obligations undertaken under 2008 the Ceasefire Agreement. The OSCE Permanent Committee highly appraised the priorities of the Georgian Presidency and expressed its readiness to promote these priorities across OSCE area.  

Representatives of the EU, the U.S. made statements on bilateral successful cooperation with Georgia. The U.S. Representative to OSCE highly appraised security cooperation with Georgia being an important contributor to international security. Calling on Russia to stop occupation of the Georgian territories and fulfil the undertaken international obligations, he expressed his support for Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration and sovereignty and territorial integrity. The EU representative also highly appraised the priorities of the Georgian Presidency of the CoE – an organization which, along with the EU, makes a tremendous contribution towards the strengthening of democracy and human rights. He also praised Georgia for its European integration efforts and the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU.